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Nicole and Max are Ottawa wedding photographers, best wedding photographers Ottawa

Since 2012

Nicole Amanda


When you meet me, you’ll discover a mix of typical Aries, an extroverted introvert and your classic jeans-and-tee-girl-next-door obsessed with the colour teal. Urban Barn may or may not be an addiction. (Shhh, don’t tell Max!)

Hey, I'm Nicole! Can't wait to meet you!

On my days off, you’ll find me curled up on the couch au natural in my sweats and a messy bun, hanging out with oversized teal mug full of tea, my laptop and probably a cat or two. That doesn't pull me away from a good cup of favoured coffee either though!

You know that girl who keeps every concert ticket, movie stub, polaroid, beach sand, you name it? Yeah, that’s me.. I keep it all because those are the tangible pieces that take me back to the exact moment and let me relive it over again.

Pull up beside me at a red light and you’ll most likely find me singing to T-Swift or Garth Brooks at the top of my lungs. The whole music industry owns me; down to the songwriters and labels, along with that concert adrenaline addiction. You can always guess my mood by the playlist.

And this is the love of my life (and 2nd photographer) Max. Fell in love at 17. We love date nights in, watching Suits & DWTS , travelling, spontaneously bringing ice cream home for each other, and long 80's convertible drives to nowhere in the country.

I'm Nicole, a wedding photographer in Ottawa. I live for the little moments and mementos that can bring you back to an exact place and time.

I've been photographing weddings since the summer of 2012, but I've been "the photographer" since I was 11. Since the beginning, being the intuitive, feeling person that I am, I knew that I didn't just want to capture people on their wedding days and leave it at that. I know that how you feel in each moment, is how you will remember it. I want to have a comfortable, personable relationship with my couples, so that they remember it fondly. Bright, warm & contemporary, just like my style. I've often been described as being another bridesmaid in the room.

I'm a super casual, summer lovin' jeans, tee & flip flops kinda girl. Yeah, I love the excuse to dress up and be fancy when I get the chance, but primarily being an introvert, I just want to be with the people whom I feel at home with. If I could move to Barbados and not lose everything, I would. I LOVE to be warm.

Hey, I'm Nicole!

  I specialize in weddings for the lighthearted & sentimental because that's who I am. I live for little details, the little moments that make up your story, no matter how small. I live for beach vacations, blue jeans, campfires & that post-concert adrenaline high. I get school-girl excited for fairs & fireworks.

I believe in no regrets, because at the time it was exactly what you wanted. I believe in never going to bed angry & embracing every moment because you can't get it back.

That girl who's always dreamed of her wedding day gets to help others experience it each & every weekend & I love the feeling that gives me!

I'm all about living authentically me & making sure you feel that way too. If this gives you all the feels, I'd love to grab a tea and see if our visions align.


 i love what a red lip does for a pop of colour (& i'm a swiftie)

camo, country or cute don't matter to me!

taylor swift perfume? yes please!

smoothies?! I'm in

milk chocolate & nuts (or peanut butter!!)

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