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October 14, 2014

New 2nd Shooter Boyfriend the potential second shooter

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…etc. you may have seen that “the boy” or Max (if you read his blog post last week) has been tagging along to a few of my recent sessions! One wedding and one engagement in fact!

For a while, seeing many other partner photography teams, I have pondered the thought if we would work together doing this as well. He wasn’t apposed to the idea, so I thought I’d start to team him and see what happens!!

He’s a little bit doubtful that anything is usable but seriously – I think he will continue to grow so naturally. I am so proud of what he did at his first shot at it all!! I’m also super grateful for his behind the scenes shots!!

Here are a few shots I love. Plus, Stefani + Blair and Bethany + Dunovan will have a little inside sneak here before even getting their photos back! ;)

Enjoy this beautiful photography by none other than Max!! Great job boo!

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