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January 31, 2017

Anniversary Getaway Fairmont Chateau Montebello

The weekend of the 21st, Max and I ran away to the luxurious Fairmont Chateau Montebello for a few nights. One night was my Christmas present to him, the other a split anniversary treat ourselves night. On January 21st, we celebrated six years together. WHAT?! Still blows my mind. Max’s family has raved about this place since the day I met them. I had been once for a day trip in the summer, but I heard over and over how magical it was in winter and around the Christmas season; it was part of his childhood. I couldn’t think of a better Christmas present for my man. We spent a lot of it napping and just relaxing in the magical Chateau Montebello foyer, but we both are just at a point in our lives now that we needed a nothing break. Excuse most of them being cell phone photos, I was on vacation; I wasn’t going to lug the DSLR everywhere ;)

This was my first stay and it was fabulous/ We had such an amazing time and I can’t wait to go back there with him. We have recently heard that they will be removing the horses from the property, unto which case, if they see this, I OBJECT HEAVILY. Have you been to Montebello? What was your experience like!?

P.S. if some of them are upside down or sideways, I apologize. The blog sometimes doesn’t like my cell photos. I will be checking back constantly and trying to fix this.

Chateau Montebello_0002.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0001.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0008.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0007.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0003.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0006.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0004.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0005.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0009.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0011.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0013.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0010.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0012.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0014.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0015.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0016.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0017.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0018.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0019.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0020.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0022.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0021.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0023.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0024.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0025.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0026.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0027.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0028.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0029.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0032.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0030.jpg
Chateau Montebello_0031.jpg



  1. Stephanie

    January 31st, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    It looks like you both had an amazing time.

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