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March 20, 2018

Marisa + Daniel Jack Pine Trail Engagement

Jack Pine Trail winter engagement session in Ottawa

This winter has definitely been tougher than most in general. It was even more challenging that there were several couples that wanted winter engagement sessions, but we kept having to postpone when it was -40 outside! Marisa, Daniel and I hit it off right away, chatting about their September wedding in a coffee shop last November. They were excited about the thought of snowy engagement photos!

I think we postponed a few times, but the date was finally here! It was warmer and thinking we would have more of a spring engagement session, but then the day before, we got dumped with another pile of snow! They would have their snowy engagement after all! It was a bit chilly evening at Jack Pine Trail, but these two were troopers and the sun came out at all of the right times!

Max and I are super excited to be sharing our wedding month with these two!! Can’t wait to see what your beautiful September Century day brings!



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