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By popular demand, I’ve had several past brides with littles on the way or planning on it ask me to share some more of the baby things we absolutely love! We went a bit on the high-end side with a lot of our travel and safety items, but if anywhere, that’s where to spend it. [...]
Gosh, how on earth I actually thought I’d keep to timely blogging with a baby ;) Months longer than I intended to have this post up, but here it is! I was hoping to have a much cuter linked list of furniture and accessories from cute local shops, but I guess this is what happens [...]
Just like last week’s post, I thought this would be a great chance to take what would be quite a small 2020 “Best of Engagements” blog post and turn it into a portfolio refresh of some of my favourite engagement session images of all time! It gets harder and harder to narrow down my favourites [...]
Since we only photographed one traditional wedding last year due to the pandemic, I thought I would share some of my favourite wedding images of all time. This is my updated portfolio to display on my website. I have now been photographing weddings for nine whole years, so narrowing down my images to a 20-30 [...]



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