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40 weeks in, 40 weeks out for our little due date baby. Wow. Still not walking on her own yet but boy, does the girl ever want to move! Laps and laps around the coffee table, finally got the grasp on the traditional crawl, waving, and our first tooth is just starting to pop up! [...]
Skipping regular crawling all together, Élise went from the army crawl to trying to run an assisted marathon, to pulling herself up with the coffee table and couch. Slow down, baby, slow down! Slightly more interested in feeding herself finger foods Started sitting herself up from lying on her side No longer interested in sitting [...]
I was so excited when Bailey contacted us in September to talk about their lovely Strathmere wedding she was envisioning, and already talking about their winter engagement! I love the romantic feel of cozy, winter engagement photos. Although we had a lovely Rideau Canal Skateway session in mind, the weather, and world had other plans [...]
Learning the army crawl is old news now! Not onto the knees yet but it’s smooth sailing as she traverses across the hardwood floors with ease. How is my little peach 7 months old already? We’ve changed our minds about apples, we will eat just about any food put in front of us No interest [...]



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