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Oh my goodness, how has a whole month gone by already?! It's crazy to see her grow in leaps and bounds as she has already, but also a little sad to be "leaving behind" my tiny baby! Definitely not ready for Max to go back to work either. Just wanted to leave a little update [...]
40 weeks exactly, that’s how long I carried you. We have our due date baby, that, of course timely like her mama, only 5% of babies are actually born on. But just like that, the counter refreshes and you're 2 whole days old this morning. Our precious baby girl, Élise Charlotte Pigeon, decided to make [...]
Oh my goodness, this is only seven months late….but life has kind of been a whirlwind since I got back from Arizona! Things got exciting, then I was busy, then sick, then exhausted, because if you missed it, we announced we we're expecting! I actually found out while I was away! This was my third [...]
I know this month has been tough on everyone. But more than anything, this crisis has clarified what is most important in life. It's not the things we work so hard to accumulate or our social status or accomplishment – it's the people we love most. It's human connection. So that got me thinking – [...]

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