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They knew of each other through mutual friends, siblings of friends actually, but met officially at a small event put on at our high school. They've never looked back. After ten and a half years together Brian asked Natalie to marry him. I've loved watching their relationship blossom from afar and afterward, seeing their lives [...]
They had a grand wedding planned at the Brookstreet Hotel for May of 2020. They were one of our first unfortunate COVID-19 reschedules. Little did they know bumping their wedding one entire year would not be enough; no one did. They were excited to grace the ballroom with their friends and party the night away. [...]
10 months old. Spunky doesn't even begin to describe this one. I want to have the zest for life that she does; scrunchy nose laughs while laughing at herself, exploration to no end, and all the snacks! The past month Élise has found some teeth and discovered the stairs. She's waving at everything and anything. [...]
40 weeks in, 40 weeks out for our little due date baby. Wow. Still not walking on her own yet but boy, does the girl ever want to move! Laps and laps around the coffee table, finally got the grasp on the traditional crawl, waving, and our first tooth is just starting to pop up! [...]



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