The Katelyn James Workshop Experience | Day 2

September 25, 2014

Workshop Day 2 The Katelyn James Workshop Experience

Warning: this post definitely won’t be as pretty as the workshop day 1 post.
bokeh the bichpoo
Starting this off with Bokeh. Becaaause he’s kind of adorable.

First of all, I probably look like a crazy lady posting at midnight. KJ blog tactic number 1 ;) It’s the way to hit the most people! Not that I have world wide followers right now, but you hit the night owls, different time zones, and early risers. Facebook isn’t good to business owners anymore either – so what’s nice is that if a post sees traffic at different times of day, it’s more likely to be seen and shared.

We talked a lot about the whole entire workflow. From first emails, to planning, engagement sessions, posing, timeline, wedding, culling, editing, blogging, album design – you name it!
katelyn james and nicole amanda
Probably my favourite part is how much she talked about and explained into detail about her following. Her brides are so excited to be a ‘KJ Bride’ and even after the wedding, it is a family of excitement, advice and reminiscing about every little detail. She has brides from 2008 that still say, “hey! I was a KJ Bride!” It is the most outstanding community and she just has this magnetic attraction. I only dream of this one day.
katelyn james amazing wall
If she wasn’t a photographer, she could easily make a career as an interior decorator.
She is just so personal with her business, that I knew 100% who her & Michael were before I left for Virginia. I wasn’t wrong in any way or disappointed one bit. This is why brides book her. They feel like they are personal friends even before the first email.
katelyn james and bokeh the bichpoo
Aitn’t this photo of Katelyn & Bokeh the cutest?!
Katelyn knows how routine she is now – followers and clients know to expect it and things have become expectations. If your wedding was Saturday, you can bet that you’re the the blog post the upcoming Tuesday. She has workflows for everything that just become habit.

Headshot time!

As much as I am a photographer and creative, I LOVE being a business owner. I adore all of the backend things like contracts, blogging, social networking, pricing..etc. I always say I think I was a business major in another life. This workshop has changed the way I think about a lot of things, but most of all his given me this life-changing adrenaline to kick things into gear. Be on the look out of MAJOR changes happening SUPER SOON to Nicole Amanda Photography!

max and bokeh the bichpoo
Last but not least, my boy & Bokeh boy. Welcoming even my boy into their home with a loving hug.

Check back tomorrow when I’ll be sharing my personal photos from the remainder of my time in Virginia. Hitting the beach like the typical sunshine lover that I am.

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