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A Love Radiating with Spark: Danielle and Ryan’s Intimate Wedding at Compass Rose Suites

October 17, 2023


Danielle + Ryan

The original plan was a wedding of one-hundred-plus, home in Ireland. Danielle had the vision of elegant green with rolling hills. Amid the pandemic and the stresses of wedding planning, like many, they opted for the complete opposite of the most intimate wedding I have ever been to in my life. I have been photographing weddings for twelve years now, and this was just something else.

When Danielle and Ryan first reached out to us in May, it didn’t take long for us to realize that we were in for something truly special. They had that undeniable “it” factor – that unmistakable chemistry that instantly lets you know you’re witnessing a love meant to last a lifetime. As wedding photographers, we’ve had the privilege of capturing countless beautiful moments, but Danielle and Ryan’s love story was one that radiated in a way that was uniquely their own.

Danielle’s journey to this beautiful day began when her family moved from Ireland to Canada in 2008. It was here that she and her siblings continued their high school education, setting the stage for the serendipitous encounter that would change her life forever. In 2018, in the cozy ambiance of a local country bar, Danielle and Ryan’s paths crossed.

Their journey led them to the enchanting Compass Rose Suites, a hidden gem tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its beautifully separated farmhouse, greenhouse, barn, dance floors, and charming ceremony sites, Compass Rose Suites exudes rustic elegance and charm that perfectly mirrored Danielle and Ryan’s vision.

The ceremony itself was a beautiful blend of tears and smiles, as two families, clearly meant to be together, were officially united. With their heartfelt, self-written vows and an intimate group of only their immediate family in attendance, the atmosphere was both personal and profound. In a world where grandeur often takes center stage, Danielle and Ryan opted for an elegant emerald green theme, a nod to their initial plans for an Ireland wedding that had evolved into something more intimate and meaningful.

As the day unfolded, Danielle and Ryan enjoyed an intimate private meal together with their families, sharing laughter and tears, all while their adorable son, Grayson, stole the show with his undeniable charm. And then there was the cake – a culinary masterpiece that tasted even more divine than it looked.

The celebration continued as they danced the night away, surrounded by the warm glow of a bonfire, with s’mores and sparklers adding a touch of magic to the evening. It was a night filled with love, laughter, and the undeniable joy of two souls coming together as one.

In the midst of it all, as the photographer capturing these precious moments, I couldn’t help but feel honored to witness such a genuine and radiant love. Danielle and Ryan’s wedding was a reminder that sometimes the most beautiful moments are found in the simplicity of love, family, and the pure joy of being together. It was a day we’ll always cherish, and we have no doubt that their love story will continue to inspire for years to come.

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