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February 11, 2014

Client Photo Galleries (& maybe some Jason Aldean)

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So PASS just came out with a gorgeous new update. And for those of you who don’t know what PASS is – listen up. Yeah, there are a lot of shoot & share photographers out there now (those who give digital images) but now all of them use PASS.
This is how I host my online galleries that makes downloading your photos as easy as a single click. Unlike email or DropBox, it does not degrade your file, making it the same quality and resolution that I have. This means that you can take it anywhere to get it printed yourself.
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But just hold on to your pants, you can order prints through your gallery too. Not just any prints, but I will guarantee you that these will be 200x the quality that you will get from any “amazing printer” you may have at home OR Walmart, Blacks, drugstores…etc. Yeah, they will give you decent looking photos, but they may not capture all of the colours that your digital files have, nor will they come close to the quality.
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You can check out an example of how the beautiful online gallery looks by checking out Kaylen & Ryan’s engagement session gallery. Or how about you go to it on your smart phone? Looks amazing there too. The best thing of all (which I can’t really show you unless you become my client) is the stunning app that they have now developed for it. It’s as easy as logging in with the same information and having all of the access to your photos on your phone! But this is how it looks. You can take a look at their promo video for it. Ugh, so in love <3 I can tell you most of the couples that I met at my bridal show were stunned too. Or maybe a much better written article from the PASS developers.

Download the PASS App here :D

Or….you can check out the photos of the amazingly fun time I had at the Tyler Farr, Florida-Georgia Line & Jason Aldean concert with the bestest boyfriend in the whole wide world (who bought me the tickets for Christmas). 2ND ROW!!! Enjoy!

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