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August 10, 2013

Getting Quotes

Screen shot 2013 08 09 at 9. 46. 54 pm

So this one is for the other photographers, not so much the readers – but hey, if you have any kind of service this could work for you too! I found this cool website called Thumbtack. It’s based in the US (and doesn’t even let you choose Canada) but I put in my address as Ogdensburg, NY since that’s the closest. It really doesn’t matter, because I have to travel to them anyway.

Screen shot 2013 08 09 at 9. 46. 54 pm

Thumbtack lets clients search for what they are looking for, put in what they want and their budget – and lets you quote them for your services (or ignore them if their price is ridiculously low. lol)

If you refer others to join, you can get free credits – otherwise it does cost a little bit of money per quote. It’s no different than Google Ads, you gotta pay someone for getting you work!

Screen shot 2013 08 09 at 9. 48. 53 pm

I’m still new to using it but have sent a couple of quotes so far and hoping it gets me somewhere! If you want to give it a shot, there’s no harm checking it out :) Dying to shoot some weddings!


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