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November 25, 2014

Max’s 21st Birthday Happy Birthday to the love of my life

Summer cruises in the convertible

Today is the boy‘s birthday. I still can’t believe we are both now 21. It feels so old yet so young at the same time. This is probably going to be much like last year’s birthday post but I don’t care :)

The past year has been a whirlwind for us and we have been through so much together. We both know if we’ve made it this far we can make it through anything. I love you Max.

Santa Claus parade & tree decorating night

The most amazing thing of all is that he has also decided to join me part-time in this crazy photography journey that I am venturing on. He has been starting to second shoot with me and he is such a natural. There’s some of his photos on the latest blog posts and you probably couldn’t even tell!! I may or may not even throw one up on my Tie The Knot bridal show booth wall!!

I decided that I was going to *add to and expand on last year’s birthday list! Don’t forget to scroll down to see the epic birthday cake that I made him!! Hehe!! Enjoy!

1. He insists on carrying all of my things, always
…this often includes me when I’m having hip/knee/leg issues :)
2. He is often surprised by how business inclined I am, especially since he is the businessman
3. I am blessed to have my businessman when my ideas are not so fluid
4. I am slowly converting him more and more into a country music fan
5. He gives the best foot massages
6. He usually drives, even when it’s my Civic
7. He will drop everything at any moment to help out a friend
8. He over-works himself all of the time, he can’t say no because he doesn’t want to let anyone down.
9. He is my biggest fan, and I’m his. He believes in me when I don’t
10. He’s super optimistic and inspires me to be. I’m such a happier person lately
11. He thinks that my photography business is booming, even though I constantly wishing I was busier
(hey, he’s the one in business school here! maybe I should trust him)
12. He smiles every time I ask his mom for a recipe, knowing I will want to make all of these things when we move out. And now often tells me I need to ask mom for certain recipes now -_-
13. He will jump leaps and bounds for a bowl of ice cream, or ice cream cake
14. He is a complete winter baby and loves the snow so much that it makes up for my hate for it. He makes me able to tolerate it via skiing and skating.
15. We are the same way where as if something we are excited about is unfinished, he is uneasy and restless until it is
16. He is in the works of turning me into a sane person – before, if I wasn’t in control of every little thing I would go insane – I’m starting to let loose a little bit. As I am I subconsciously making him more organized and timely
17. The Max face. Enough said. Maybe I’ll post a photo one day, if I’m brave enough
18. He finds it hard to spend money on himself, but he will contemplate it if its for his car – he treats that little Mazda like a million bucks
*18B. He just purchased pretty much his dream car (at the age of 20) a classic 1987 BMW 325i cabriolet, and he is pouring his heart and soul into that car right now. You couldn’t even believe how proud I am of him for buying himself something he really wanted.
19. He will do everything and anything for his family, even when they’re driving him crazy (that takes patience people!!)
20. He is just such a good person. I never have to think about what he may be doing or why. He has the most perfect morals and loyalty that there is nothing to worry about.
*21. I’m almost crying while writing this and I can’t even explain to you why. He has just become something of me that I don’t know what I’d do without.
*22. He is a kick butt second shooter and you will see much more of him in the future.

Cake I made him for his 19th
Happy birthday boo! Had a fun birthday with my family last night and can’t wait to have another with yours tonight!
His car
His 21st cake
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