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Please Forgive Me!

November 23, 2014


2014 11 21 11. 48. 59Oh boy, things just got crazy (or maybe the opposite) after I finished blogging all of my autumn weddings and engagement sessions. Maybe my creative juices had run out. I so admire Katelyn for her religious blogging, even on personal days. I still have the mind set of no one else wanting to know what I did that week! LOL

Although I haven’t been photographing too much lately, winter comes a season of editing, album design, and consultations. As well, I am preparing for my second appearance at the Tie The Knot bridal show (their new website will be up soon, EEK!!) that will be again taking place at the Museum of Nature in February! So excited! Planning some big pretty booth things, and Friday will be another big hit to my credit card for those purposes.

YIKES! Canvases, sample albums, sentimental HHBoogie boxes! So excited yet nervous at the same time! Can’t wait to bring this new product into the lineup.

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The last couple of weeks have been time spent working the with amazing Ottawa photo booth company, MDRN Photobooth Co. (seriously, if you’re looking for a photo booth, what better than custom props!), my last few shifts at my other job (I AM OFFICIALLY FULL TIME PHOTO NOW!!), dates with the boy, and lots of product and album design. Here’s a sneak peek from Caitlin + Matt’s reception signing album!!

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Speaking of new websites, that’s what I’m working on right now as well. The amazing Julie Story is helping me find the perfect look of my sentimental, laid back and detail oriented brides :) Here’s a tiny tiny sneak peek. Cannot wait for launch day! My Tie The Knot* booth is starting to look cohesive ;)

Can’t wait to release all of the branding secrets I have & can’t wait to meet all the new potential #NABrides

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