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Ending my 22nd year

April 9, 2015


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-twoooooo!!!!
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Max & I at Easter dinner

There’s something so surreal about this year. This birthday. Every year comes around and it’s a a birthday, it’s my birthday. But something just doesn’t feel the same about turning 22.  Saturday will be my 22nd birthday. Beside the fact that my girl, Taylor Swift, now has an anthem for me…I’m really not sure what it is. 18 is adult, 21 is adult. I’m not sure why 22 seems so different. But it does.

Maybe it’s just me and that thing my gut does. Ask anyone. I’m that girl who goes by her gut and only her gut, and it’s always right. I believe in intuition. I believe in faith and fate. Maybe this is the takeoff year, and it’s just my own way of prepping in my heart for it.
This will be a big year for me. Not just of the things I already know will happen, but for the things unknown I feel coming. Maybe not happing this year, but a light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of things.
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My little Honda
– It has been 2 years since I bought my first car
– It has been 2 years since graduating college
– It has been 4 years since graduating high school
– I have been with Max for 4 years
– It has been years from what I like to call the blackout days
– This year will be my first “real vacation” and first time on a plane
– I am blessed with the most AMAZING brides & grooms this year
– I can see the horizon of moving out
– I feel confident in my business
– I’m putting back the effort I lost with Him
– I feel like I am making adult-like financial goals
– I know so much more about who I am
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Bella clearly likes taking photos with me.
And maybe these things don’t sound overly profound to anyone. But I just feel so much more stable than I used to. I am perfectly content with where I am in my life – and anticipate everything that can happen in the future. And even the struggles that come, I wish I could write to my high school self just to let her know that things will be okay. If you’re struggling, just keep pushing. Life rewards the people who try.

 Keep trekking. It will come. Your moment will come. I never write like this either so apparently that time came….I have my profound moments ;)

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