The Rebranding Process

September 30, 2014


October of last year, I had the business ball rolling, but I don’t think I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I knew I wanted to be me, be professional, and knew that being cheap probably wouldn’t get me anywhere either.

I don’t remember where I head of the adorable Ms Julie Story, but I knew that’s where I wanted to go. Go big or go home. Or at least that’s what I thought. But I’m glad I didn’t get my website done then or else I would probably be redesigning that too.

I loved what she gave me and it was totally fabulous at the time, but I don’t think I knew exactly what I wanted my business to be. I tried to incorporate so many things at once that I think I confused the heck out of the girl!!

It was also really hard to see everything as a branded package then I just got my logo, colours and textures – not the full website put together (and that’s where she really shines).

This time around I think I know me better, who I want to be, what I want to look like, and the type of clients I want to attract.

Here is all of my branding from last time around, but I can’t wait to see even more “me” next time!! Keep an eye out for some massive changes in the next month! What I’ve learned is that you’re always changing, always growing. So I try not to feel guilty for doing it again, or that I “did it wrong” the first time. I just know more of myself now, and will still be learning every day from now on.

Check out Julie’s incredible design skills while you’re at it ;)

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