Richmond fair


Shane Yellowbird

September 21, 2012


Richmond fair
Last Saturday, I went to the Richmond Fair for a school assignment. Not that it’s something I wouldn’t go to anyway, but some of the things we have to do for school are pretty cool. I am definitely a music and concert addict, let alone country music. Shane Yellowbird was set to perform. As soon as I heard that was one of my choices to photograph, I was all over that.
Convient as it is, boyfriends are for hire for only the cost of lunch; or at least mine is anyway. Mid-afternoon we left for the fair as I wanted a wide variety of shots throughout the course of the day. I am a major horse lover so I did some shooting at the events, however, they were considerably difficult to capture. We wandered through the antique exhibits, machinery, vehicles, midway and petting zoo, stopping along the way to watch the “The Penguins” high diving act and the BMX bike show.

My main focus was the concert, I was super excited. At the same time, I was nervous I had never done concert photography before; I felt like I wouldn’t be able to nail my settings fast enough. Blackwell band opened the show with a powerhouse set of covers, as well as a couple of their original songs. Rushing out onto the stage afterwards was Shane Yellowbird, a man full of energy. With myself in the front row, this guy was definitely having fun with the camera. He fed off of the crowd’s energy as they chanted for his song, Pickup Truck. Admittedly not his number one fan, being the music girl that I am I still knew 95% of all his lyrics and had a fun time.

To finish up the night, my boyfriend and I walked hand in hand under the lights of the midway, sharing a bag of mini doughnuts (by far our weakness). Tried some long exposure shots, but by that point we were freezing cold. It was a fun night and I’m glad to say I got some decent photos out of it.

Shane yellowbird concert richmond fair 008

Shane yellowbird concert richmond fair 005

Shane yellowbird concert richmond fair 007

Shane yellowbird concert richmond fair 009

Shane yellowbird concert richmond fair 006

Shane yellowbird concert richmond fair 004

Shane yellowbird concert richmond fair 002
 This is definitely my favourite of the night ^
Shane yellowbird concert richmond fair 003


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