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Tie the Knot 2015

February 23, 2015


2015 02 21 10. 35. 33
2015 02 21 10. 57. 18So you’ll have to excuse the iPhone photos. It was so crazy I didn’t even bring my DSLR!!!
I can’t even tell you how much fun I had at Tie The Knot this year. Mind blown. Not only did these guys do epic last year, their inaugural year of the show, but they kicked it up 10x this year. Everything from list of vendors, advertising, ticket sales, organization & more was FABULOUS. I must say I also attempted to kick it up 5 notches myself.
2015 02 21 10. 56. 59I met so many amazing, excited brides and I’m just as excited. I’ve been booking consults like crazy and can’t wait to chat about all of the little details (that’s kind of my thing.) Even from just talking at the show for a few minutes, I know a lot of the couples I met were to the T of Nicole Amanda sentimental couples.
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My super awesome friends at MDRN Photobooth Co. were also there this year too and the Photo Booth looked fab as usual ;) Can’t wait for a super busy 2 years for both of us from the looks of it! 
2015 02 21 10. 57. 08If anyone would like to see my sample albums and heirloom box again, feel free to email me and schedule a consult. I freed up my week so its only you guys!!

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