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Don’t Let It Get To You

March 26, 2015


Screenshot 2015 03 25 16. 11. 19It sounds like something nobody would ever say, and it’s something I never thought I’d say before either. Growing up, I always wanted to be a celebrity or known for something. I think I’ve been following Katelyn James since early 2013 if not late 2012. I’ve always thought that she “has made it” and looked up to her so much. Okay, I shouldn’t say it that way, I still majorly look up to her.

It’s been a really big learning curve since then; trying to develop who I am as a photographer and what I want to make of myself. I wanted to take leaps and not hold back like I did in high school and college. I was always the one that played it save. In a matter of a couple months, I decided to book a seat to Katelyn‘s workshop and drive all the way from Ottawa, Ontario to Richmond, Virginia. That’s almost 11 hours if driven straight, guys!! She is so consistent with her blogging and online personality, that I couldn’t help but fall head over heels for this girl. I wanted her to be my best friend. Her marketing worked.

2014 09 16 16. 59. 38Her blog is what she calls her claim to fame. And some say when you get to the point of teaching, that’s making it. And both are kind of fame. But that’s what’s the humbling part. She says that she doesn’t feel like she’s “made it,” and never wants to. The moment you feel like you’re the pro and you don’t have anything else to learn, that’s when you business will start to fail. Not just this business, but almost any business, things are ever-changing. If you’re not consistently keeping up with the times, you’re going to fall behind and become obsolete. She’s still learning.

It made me feel so normal to not feel like I knew enough and wanted to keep learning, because she says everyone who’s at the same level as her feels that way too. She’s still learning things that I’m learning. This post totally wasn’t meant to evolve around her but I guess that’s how it ended up, because I’ve had an impression on almost every aspect of this business from her.

I came here wanting to share with you how I am now continuing to learn. Katelyn, among many other epic photographers I have been following for so long (no, it’s not just her) have banded together and created this online “Academy” resource that is almost like workshops. Though The International Academy of Wedding Photographers, you can take the whole certificate program or just a few classes in areas you feel you need a life. The coolest thing is that they are trying to make it a certified online school! There is no “school” that you can take a degree in wedding photography (I don’t think?). This could be a standardized place that most people seriously interested in doing this for a living go to! I’ve almost finished my second out of eight courses with them and am absolutely loving it.

Seriously, if you’re a photographer, consider checking out The Academy to see what they may have for you. If you are inspired by a photographer on the other side of the country, go. If you can’t, see if you can have a Skype mentor meeting. Not only do you feel like you’re doing something big, but it could do big things.

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