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July 16, 2015

Mdrn Photobooth Vendor Feature

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I am a little bias on this one. I’m not sure exactly how I found my new friends at MDRN Photobooth Co., I think someone had shared a post on Facebook that they were looking for people to work the booth. My eyes caught to it immediately, since I was still looking to work for myself, and not be an employee, but still wanting to bring in a little more money while I was building up my wedding gigs. AND it was photography related. I jumped on my email and chatted it up with Catalina. I have now been a Booth Butler since October.

14420 1543596165858574 1185421949618103950 nThey are just so different from any other photo booth out there. They refuse to be the cliche, typical, tacky photo booth  (overtime I see a different photo booth it’s oversized glasses and boas, really?!). It’s not too hard to have a backdrop, a camera and some props. That is now the widespread, everyone and anyone is doing photo booths. MDRN is fancy, classy (sassy) and full of sparkle. Literally. They make their own custom sparkly props and only have sparkly backdrops.
Saying they are customizable is a complete understatement; everything is customizable. There’s nothing they won’t try. From props, to backdrops, to print templates, to the booth itself. We can now customize to BE YOU if you want! Due to desire of corporate companies, we can now wrap the machine!!!
1926209 1501417990076392 8178394912132393470 oWe get compliments every time of how different we are (uh oh, here I am saying “we” already! I have become so personally invested in this company) and that we aren’t the typical boxed in photobooth. Again, we are literally open space. But enough of me. I’ll let Catalina take over:
“At MDRN Photobooth, we’re as unique as a Kardashian with a first name
that starts with an R.
Our photobooths are customized to reflect your personal aesthetic taste
so that, no matter what, when it’s time to say “cheese!” you know that your
guests will be fighting to have their photo taken.
We offer standard and custom props to give your photobooth that little
extra something – like when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the Golden Globes
and everyone loved it because those two women can do no wrong. That’s sort of
what our props do for your event.
10927856 1584186801799510 5979720499554322567 oOnce your guests step out of the camera’s view, they’ll each receive a
print-out photo that will include a fun design that reflects your event’s style. After
that, they can instantly share their photos on Facebook and Twitter for the
whole world to see using our social media stations.
Now, you’re probably wondering something: How do your photobooths go off
without a hitch? Well, we’re glad you asked. Our Booth Butlers are
one-of-a-kind and totally dedicated to making sure that your event is better
than the Met Gala. Not every event can have Beyoncé in attendance, but with the
professionalism and elegance that the Booth Butlers bring, you’ll feel like she
could walk through the door at any moment. We’re always black tie dressed, no matter the event.
11542118 1631614463723410 7128096398270624941 nAt MDRN, we’re all about keeping your event classy before the guests
arrive, during the festivities, and after everyone has gone home to tell their
friends about what an amazing time they had. Our service doesn’t end when the
lights go out because we continue to strive to make sure that your experience
with us is the best thing since Double Stuf Oreos.”
They’re not your average photo booth. Trust me, I don’t think Giant Tiger would pay any old photo booth company to drive from Ottawa to Prince Edward Island to represent them at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival. Or have a company in Toronto that want’s to franchise them. Enough said.
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I must have at least 50 prints in my room from all of the test lighting I’ve done…
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