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July 28, 2015

Creating Community Photos start before your wedding day

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1504251141 sophie robert wedding 2I’ve said it before and I’ll forever preach about wedding photography being so much more than just the photos after the wedding day. Your photographer is probably the second vendor that you will book after your venue! Why? Because after the flowers have wilted and the guests go home, you will have memories, and photos to provoke (or recall) memories. My go-to comparison is always that high school photo. Everyone has that one high school photo that everyone says they look fabulous in, but you hate it. Everyone says you shouldn’t, but you still do. It’s usually because you remember how awkward that exact moment was, the way the photographer spoke to you and asked you to tilt your head and lean in. People remember moments.
1506131316 nicole tom weddingIt’s no different than your wedding photography. Your wedding day could be perfect, with the weather and your colours and your guests, and smiles. But if you feel awkward or the slightest bit uncomfortable with your wedding photographer, it will be the same as that one high school photo. Who wants that with their wedding photos?! I won’t LET that happen. If I don’t connect with a client, I won’t accept their wedding simply because I don’t want them to look back at their wedding photos and feel that way. I encourage finding someone with qualities similar to their own friends, you’re not speed dating for life long best friends, but at least someone they’d feel comfortable going for coffee with.
1505161238 amanda craig wedding 2So much time goes into the whole experience you have with your wedding photographer. You work with your photographer from the moment you book them (often a year or more out from the wedding!!) until 5-6 months after, maybe longer, while designing the perfect wedding album to hold your memories. You chat numerous emails and text messages back and forth about engagement sessions, planning advice, composing the perfect timeline…throughout a while year of talking, you really get to know someone personally. For a lot of my brides, I become more of a friend than a vendor, helping them do up dresses and helping coax their timeline along schedule. I’m with you ALL DAY! So I want to help you, all day.
1506131652 nicole tom wedding 2I want to get to know your bridesmaids that way and help them out with anything I can do! They often try to help me out all day so the least I can do is help them enjoy the day and pay them attention just as much as the couple. Many photographers overlook the bridal party, but they’re in that postal for a reason. I want it to be simple and easy for everyone involved. The guys are usually on my side pretty quick because of that, I’m in and out as quick as I can because I know they don’t want the glam photoshoot ;) I want the bride to not only be pleased with the photos, but also be pleased with the entire experience from start to finish!
1506131730 nicole tom weddingWhen I went to Katelyn’s workshop in September, she talked a lot about how she attributed her success to her community of brides that had developed over time. They coined the term “KJ Bride” themselves. She grouped them all and they helped each other with wedding advice, vendor recommendations, even selling some of their decor to each other! You’re all recently married or about to get married, often among the same age group, geographical area, and of taste styles both visually and personality if you all chose the same photographer! Why NOT help each other?
1506131820 nicole tom weddingI am part of many Facebook photography groups where we can ask questions, get advice, and meet other photographers in the area. This has been super beneficial to me and also gives me the feeling of being part of something bigger than just me and my business. I want to give this experience to my brides. Make new friends!
I have made a Facebook group for all my past and future brides to join so they can all meet each other! Not only can they use this group as a way to swap vendor recommendations and planning advice, they can also make new friends and watch each others journey from their engagement to their wedding!  And they can stay in touch long after the wedding! I’m so excited from my brides to get to know each other and develop a sense of community with each other! If you are a past or future Nicole Amanda bride, be on the lookout for an invite!!

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