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Branding Personally

July 23, 2015


I’ve been trying to pour more and more of my heart out on the blog lately. And even just out and about with my couples. I wanted to be relatable and rememberable. For a while, I thought I still wasn’t doing enough. I had always thought to myself, “oh, no one wants to hear about that.” Katelyn James PREACHES about getting out there, being yourself, sharing your day to day life. That’s how you find and connect with real people. If brides are your clients, more likely than not, they can’t connect with your small business problems, so why share those?! She always talks about brand boosters, and things that you don’t even have to do to have people think of you. And I’m so glad she shares her heart for teaching, because I’m really not sure where I’d be without her at this point.

I feel like I’ve made a huge progression this month – this is my sixth blog post so hopefully this is becoming a habit. (It still blows my mind how Katelyn blogs like almost every day!!) I’m working to personal challenges as well as some blog challenges within my photographer groups, so I love reading and learning from everyone out there at the same stages in life and photography as I am. The industry seems so cut-throat sometimes, especially around here, so I’m glad that I have friends around the continent that are based on community over competition <3

My month was made, when the other day a past bride texted me. She said, “is it weird that overtime I think of Taylor Swift I think of you?” HECK NO! This is a marketing win on my end because of the dependence on reputation management services. Taylor is my spirit animal. I would be her if I could. So if I’m emulating at least that much, that’s a personality branding win in my books. All. Day. Long. It just gives me that much more encouragement to be sharing who I truly am online. If someone doesn’t like what I’m sharing, they’ll leave, and that’s okay. Because the people I can serve the best are those I can truly connect with on a personal level.

As much as I love teal, I still think of Katelyn when I see it. When I think of Disney, I think Jaime Davis. Red lipstick, Taylor Swift (and that’s still a relatively new one!) You know what I mean?! I never thought I would be able to have anything like this associate to me. How do you get people to think of you?! But the more and more I share, it just happens.

People read. People remember. It still is so humbling to think about the number of people who asked me how Barbados was when attending a wedding industry function. It’s like, what?! People read my blog?! Other people in the industry and not just brides?! Not just my family?!

This is for all of you photographers, even just small business owners, who were like me. “Nobody wants to hear about this…” If it means something to you, it will connect you with someone else. Whether you have 5, 50, 500 or 5000 daily blog readers, they expect and deserve to hear from you. Share your heart.

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