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15 Birthday Ideas for the Boyfriend

November 10, 2016


Max’s birthday is in just over two weeks! Although I am finished shopping, I thought I’d share 15 birthday ideas for the boyfriend that went through my head when trying to shop for the boy who’s only interests are less than affordable ;) Disguised in this list are the things that I actually got him! Take that….boy who gives me ridiculous hanging hints about my Christmas and birthday gifts, because I know you’re reading this.

1. Food. Or basically any sweets. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and it’s definitely true with mine! I’m not saying it’s the only gift you should give him, but I think an addition of cooking his favourite meal or a wrapped cute snack or treat that they like is always a bonus.

2. DIY picture frame or photo album of something that is sentimental to him. I’ve done this one before, I’m so cheesy!

3. Knit a scarf. I can’t believe I actually did this one!! It took me FOREVER (it’s the only thing I’ve ever knit). I would like to redo it better one day, and make a toque that doesn’t look like
a baby hat, but he says he loves it.

4. Books. If your man is a reader like mine, a new read is a great idea and may encourage some more relax and read time when his life is hectic.

5. A CD mix. Maybe this is more a gift for me. But music is my love language when I can’t find the words to say. Whether it be a literal song or a song I fell in love with in a certain stage of our relationship, or a song that was always on the radio for our many convertible rides one summer, you can guarantee I already have a list of my own.

6. A night away. Maybe he has a high stress job or is just going through a lot in his life. A night away from everything, even if not far, may do him a lot of good.

7. Bake something!! The last couple of years, I have LOVED making him super personal, custom cakes for his birthday. I’ve made a BMW logo, his actual BMW car, and an authentic looking carrot cake. What’s in line this year?! ;)

8. Movie night with some of his favourite films. I’m not the biggest movie buff, and he knows that, so this may be all the more a great gift. He’s definitely turned me into a major Fast & Furious girl! ;)

9. Tools. My boyfriend is really into cars but he’s been receiving tools as gifts for a while and has recently been adding to his mechanic’s stock for a while so sometimes it’s hard to know what else he needs!

10. Romantic picnic. This can be done in a combination with many of these other gifts, and goes along with the food one. Some wine and cheese (even snacks in bed!) can be super romantic and one-on-one a posed to being in a restaurant.

11. A party with his friends. This one could be tough when one of them lives on the other side of the country, but this would be a fab surprise.

12. Clothes. T-shirts, sweaters, jeans; it may not be the most desired gift, but sometimes he just needs some good quality clothing. Especially for the man who’s main focus is not his style.

13. A custom message mug. Max and I are big into tea so his own special mug may be a really cute gift to enjoy some tea when I’m not there ;)

14. Fill his room with balloons and photos of the two of you. Super cheese, but I think this is adorable.

15. More and more cheese. I had heard of these before, but at Sarah + Jean’s wedding, I finally was able to see one. These custom LoveBook custom love stories are the CUTEST!

16. And a bonus, my man, the sailor, anything sailing or nautical oriented I fall for when I see it..every single time. More because it reminds me of you. Not sure if you’d love it the same ;)

15 birthday ideas for the boyfriend

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