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2017 Wedding Preview

May 25, 2017


I thought this would be a new cool thing to feature this year, and although I’m already two weddings in for the year, I’d like to introduce you to my 2017 couples!! In February, we celebrated with Elizabeth + Nicholas at the Mill St Brew Pub. This past week, we partied with Monique + Curtis at Stonefields Heritage Farm!! Super stoked to be photographing my first in PEI as well!! I’m not 100% full for the year yet, so we may get some late comers for later on in the year, but these are my amazing couples getting married this year!!

Downtown ottawa winter wedding rideau canal
Spring stonefields barn wedding

How did they find me?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Other photographer referal
  • Connections from contests I won
  • Past co-workers of mine!

    Fun Facts

  • The average 2017 NA Couple booked me 11 months in advance
  • All but 1 couple live in Ottawa this year!! This is super surprising since they’re usually all over the place
  • Mill st brew pub engagement
    Farm willow tree engagement
    Downtown ottawa engagement
    Downtown ottawa engagement
    Quebec winter engagement session

    This isn’t even close to all of them because some of their engagement sessions are still to come as well!! Excited for a super amazing year!

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