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April 2, 2013


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© Colin Gaudet, 2013 Graduate

Every year, the photography program at Algonquin College holds an exhibition to display all of their Ginn, SLIK, Henry’s, Mola, Wallack’s, Apple, Adobe, Nikon, Epson and more!
current students work. Both the first and second years display all of their hard work from the last year in the program. There is also an awards presentation with prises from

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© Ron De Vries Photography

This year, the 40th Annual Algonquin Photography Exhibition is taking place in Algonquin College’s new ACCE building, room CA105. The event takes place on April 29th, 2013 from 12:00pm-9:00pm.

This event is for anyone and everyone! Looking for a photographer to hire for any kind of studio? Owner of a restaurant and need new shots of your menu? Model or actor looking for great head shots?  Recently engaged and looking for a photographer to take engagement and/or wedding photos? Come check out our portfolios, you got your best range of pick here with 110 candidates if you come!
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Thanks so much to our amazing professors for always aiming so high to put this together for us!

So come check out our event! You can also RSVP at our Facebook page located here. And I can’t go without saying go check out our blog here!


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