Letterboard announcement 12 sonogram 6147cdd2799d94 76910356 1 scaled


Baby #2

September 21, 2021


Letterboard announcement 12 sonogram 6147cdd2799d94 76910356 1 scaled

Max and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second baby! We didn’t find out for Élise but Max wanted to know for this one, and it’s another little miss! The only unfortunate thing about it is that I was almost as sick as I was the first time! It’s often a lot less common to have hyperemesis gravidarum for subsequent pregnancies but that’s my luck for wanting to be a mom so bad I guess! I’m also just as small as I was with Élise so I guess my babies like to redecorate my organs versus making their existence known.

I’m not quite sure Élise understands what is going on yet but it’s very cute that she will hug and kiss my not-so-big belly when I ask if she wants to say good morning or good night to the baby. We think she will be such a great big sister as she has already shown that she is a great independent leader. They will be eighteen months apart, so we’re hoping that they will be the best of friends.

Our little lady will likely be joining us in January which is better than July for both Max and I’s work industries! So not to worry, we will be in full swing for wedding season 2022! We’re only taking on a couple more dates so if you were looking to join thee #nabrides family, throw us an email this week as we’re almost full!

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