Barbados | My First Ever Vacation

April 23, 2015

Barbados My unbelievable first "vacation"

I can’t believe that week is over. I don’t want that week to be over. Barbados, what?! It felt like time was so slow from winning the trip to plane take off; so much to think of and so much to do. It was finally here, the day after my birthday. Thank you MAJIC for the best birthday present ever.  I think only people who have ever been on island time will understand me when I mean the week went by so fast but each day went by so slow. You’ve already been lying on the beach for what feels like 3 hours, “oh it must be at least 2pm by now,” then looking at a clock to see it’s only 10am.
Everyone’s main question seems to be the plane. Here’s my disappointing answer, it was just fine ;) Apparently I was a trooper for my first time. It was cool, take off, being so high in the air, but then you almost forget where you are. Being someone who gets easily carsick, I’m definitely a flyer. Booring.
I don’t even have enough words for Sea Breeze Beach Hotel though. From the moment we arrived, I swear everyone on staff greeted us. There was a lawn party where we were force double fisted with rum punch and champagne. Steel drums. Oh how I love steel drums. You weren’t even done one of the two drinks when you’re offered other. You motion that both hands are full and you have no where to put it! What we didn’t realize is as we gathered, they introduced each couple to their room.
Some dinners were buffet and some dinners were sit down. The food was always amazing. Fresh fruits, fish, soups – the first night was BBQ night. Best steak and ribs I’ve ever tasted. Even the meat connoisseurs said that ;) There was always nightly entertainment.
You don’t even realize the routine you develop; waking up with the sun, eating breakfast with the MAJIC 100 morning show, sailing, then tanning and drinking the day away. We soon realized why siestas happen. The sun kills you! Everyone got tired and decided to start taking mid-afternoon naps. You soon realize that the whole resort is quiet 12-4 because everyone does the same! Wake up, meet back and the pool and bar for more hangouts until dinner.
There was a fine dining restaurant in which you could dine 2 nights of a weeks stay. We only got the chance to go once but it was beyond beautiful. Crashing waves of the ocean for every meal.
Photo creds to Stu!
Being from Ottawa, AND with Stuntman Stu, of course we had to go to Bert’s Bar on Wednesday night for the first Stanley Cup playoff game. Stu even flew back a day early to be able to announce the first home game Sunday night.
Thursday was the only planned itinerary for the trip. The CHUM FM group of radio stations hosted the OneRepublic & Andee concert on the beautiful Barbados Polo Club grounds. OneRepublic is BEYOND amazing live, take any chance you can to go see them.
A few of us ganged up on Friday to go on an island safari tour of the country. We saw both the east and west coasts, as well as the mountainous middle. It is amazing how various the whole country is. I saw a monkey! We drove through cotton fields and banana plantations. Wow. I tried to keep my DSLR down as much as possible and actually enjoy the trip. You can see all of my photos in my Facebook album here and check out our sailing, safari and other GoPro videos on my Youtube channel.
I cried editing this. The most amazing photo of my boy <3 
Our last full day we wanted to spend the day enjoying the resort, not that we haven’t already.  Saturday morning breakfast was really boring without the company of the MAJIC morning show. We took a short ZR ride to a beach for a quick swim. I think most of the group got the most of their tan on the Saturday really!! We all gathered for Stu’s departure.
I  didn’t cry as I thought I would while leaving, but did when we got home. This week has been hard. Going from 30˚c to 5˚c was hard, we missed the 20˚c week. Making my own bed, breakfast and entertainment.  Lots of good laughs from status updates of the other attendees readjusting to home life as well. A couple things Max & I wish we had done, but both promised each other we’ll be back. We have fallen in love with Barbados.
And to save the best for last, I don’t even know how to thank everyone who came on this trip with us. Thank you MAJIC 100 for the trip of a lifetime. Thank you Breakast in Barbados family for being so awesome, this group just gelled and created such great friendships. Can’t wait for the reunion party. Congratulations to Kas and Craig who got engaged on the beach Wednesday morning!
See you soon Barbados.

Angie looks content with herself, or trying to ignore something Stu said

First time I met my new friend Breeze

Kas & Craig’s family meeting them at the airport after their engagement

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