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Black Friday!

November 28, 2013


So, yes, I’m Canadian – but who isn’t doing Black Friday and Cyber Monday these days. So I’m sure exactly what I’m buying on Friday (or what I can afford) but I’ll let you in on some stuff I know about. These are programs that I use all of the time an they make my life sooooo much easier! All I can tell you is that I will be sitting on the computer all day and most likely spending more than I can afford anyway!

Screen shot 2013 11 27 at 5. 15. 58 pmPixifi is an understatedly amazing service for photographers, allowing you to manage your leads, clients, emails, calendars and billing with ease. They will be doing a Black Friday deal of 25% off 3 or more prepaid months, or a $1,300 lifetime account and then never pay for it again. So sign up for Pixifi here and try it out for free before the deals strike!

Screen shot 2013 11 27 at 5. 18. 30 pmShowIt is the program I use to build and host my website. Such beautiful flash websites that you can easily edit and post live instantaneously without waiting for web hosts. I’m not sure what they’ll do in terms of deals but they’ll most likely do something! They, as well, sometimes do lifetime memberships which is something that I will want to jump on in the near future when I have more cash. Also a free trial if you wish!

Screen shot 2013 11 27 at 6. 29. 10 pmPASS is like the daughter site to ShowIt. There are a couple of different sites hosting digital images for photographers’ clients to download, but PASS was the  revolutionary trendsetter. They stopped the world of needing to wait for CDs and USBs with the automatic digital download. You can now order prints directly from the program as well. It costs $29 in PASS credits per event (usually $1 per credit) but I just got an email! It says they will be doing buy 1 event get 1 event free, buy 3 events get 5 events free, and buy 10 events get 10 events free. Like their mother site, PASS also sometimes sells PASSports, or ‘lifetime one year PASS galleries.’ This is the first lifetime boat that I want to jump on if I have the choice..but it doesn’t look like that will be this weekend. Check out one of my PASS galleries here to see how it works.

Screen shot 2013 11 27 at 9. 10. 45 pmKISS Books. Wow. Where do I start. This is where I order my client guestbooks and wedding albums from. The material that you can get these wrapped in is just gorgeous. As a start up business, there are a lot of upfront costs…but I’m hoping for a Black Friday sale to get some beautiful sample albums for bridal shows early next year! I can’t wait to some of these stunning albums into brides’ hands and share the love! But only photographers can order these so book a session to purchase one of these beauties. Included in most of my wedding packages.

Screen shot 2013 11 27 at 9. 19. 10 pmOn the geekier side, I’m kind of hoping Origin might put some Sims 3 games up for grabs really cheap….since I can’t wrap my head around spending much on myself lately.

I can’t wrap my head about buying things for myself but I may or may not look at clothing websites and dream.

2012 07 21 210For you? Yeah…I might be able to do something ;) In honour of 300 likes on Facebook (hey, you can still hit that like button if you haven’t yet..it’s just below for your convenience) I am running 25% off engagement and couples sessions ad. Head on over to my Facebook page to claim that deal. 

For Black Friday weekend, book your wedding now though December 3rd and receive $300 off of any package.

I’m also running another Livingsocial promo soon, but it will only be $150 off – so take advantage of this weekend’s deal!

Have fun with your shopping! Doubt I’ll contain sanity to hit physical stores but the thought crosses my mind. My luck to you if that’s your plan!
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