Stunning downtown banff, alberta


Calgary, Alberta

January 22, 2019


Stunning downtown banff, alberta

For 8 years now with Max, every year he has taken off to join his best friend in Calgary for a week. His best childhood friend and his family moved out there when the boys were ten, and I felt like he had a whole other life out there that I didn’t know about. For years, Max’s family went out there in the winter and their family came here in the summer. As the families grew up, the whole families went back and forth less, but the boys refused to let it go.

This year, I finally got to join in on the exploration of this other life of his. On Boxing Day, we headed to the airport and off we went to Calgary, Alberta. Boy, is it ever beautiful. Definitely a way different altitude to get used to though! Unfortunately I did bog down a cold, which didn’t help as well.

We did a little bit of sight seeing, but it was mainly the boys toying with their several-year-old outdoor fort. These guys are 25 going on 12 when they see each other, it’s sweet. I had my first escape room experience, which was super cool! We had food for DAYS, as Chris’ mom loves to cook. We had the most magnificent raclette New Years Eve dinner. And on the day that the boys went skiing, the girls went to Fairmont Banff Springs for afternoon tea and a day of wandering the town of Banff.

I hope to one day see these stunning towns in the summer as well, so if you’re getting married there, let’s chat!

  1. Nick says:

    These amazing views … it’s just a fairy tale 😍

  2. Greg says:

    The Rocky Mountains are a great place to go to when you visit Calgary. I was in Calgary with my friends last year, and we visited the Rocky Mountains. We had an amazing time, and we’ll be going again.

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