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Laura + Bobby

May 9, 2017


It already seems like so long ago that I met Laura. She was the first surreal email I had received after answering that phone call to let me know I had won a trip to Barbados. WHAT!? Laura was the promotions coordinator for Bell Media, in this specific moment, our liaison for the trip winners of the Majic 100 Breakfast in Barbados trip. That April 12th, the day after my birthday, we flew off to the most magical time of my life. Max & I hung out with her often that week. I had yet to meet Bobby, as he hadn’t come with us. He wasn’t even her fiancĂ© at the time! They had discussed it, but it wasn’t official. Every time the topic came up after she found out I was a photographer, she made sure to let me know that the day she got engaged, she’d be contacting me.

I remember that first text, the one that I’ve gotten from a handful of brides-to-be before their hubbies even know it. One single photo. The ring on the finger. I was so excited for her because I knew she had been waiting excitedly for it. We immediately booked a brunch date to chat. Thursday, I finally met this “Bobby” I had heard so much about, as well as Loki, the beloved “Doberdog.” (#lokidoberdog) We wandered around what has been their backyard for years, all the way down to the spot where Bobby got down on one knee, alongside Mr. Loki in his handsome little bowtie. Beautiful downtown Ottawa.

These two will tie the knot* at a quaint downtown church, followed by what I know will be the most unique forest green accented reception at the Canadian Museum of Nature this October.

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