Élise 2 months 0003


Élise’s 2nd Month

September 15, 2020


Élise 2 months 0003

Our stunning little baby girl has been on the outside for two whole months now. It has already gone by way too fast and we can’t believe how big she is getting and the huge learning leaps she is taking each day. She needs to be kept entertained 24/7 and already prefers to be held standing so that she can take in the world (how are her legs this strong already?!).

Élise is a night owl, typically refusing to do to bed until 11 pm most nights. She often sleeps in until 10 or 11 a, often doing 7-8 hour stretches already. She is typically the happiest baby in the world right when she wakes up. She is a LOUD sleeper though…so mom struggles with sleep sometimes. Man, can the girl can clear a room though! And she laughs when you tell her she is stinky. We love you little one; can’t wait to see what big things you do with this lifetime.

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