2020 announcement


We’re Expecting!

December 31, 2019


2020 announcement

The secret is out! We’re having a baby!

And it also explains why I’ve been so MIA from the internet for a little while now! I had hopes of writing about my Showit United conference in Arizona as soon as I returned, but not long after getting home, my body rejected me! The last two months have not been fun, to say the least, but I’m so glad we’re (slowly) starting to get over that hurdle now! I’ve been sicker for much longer than I thought I’d be. Max has been THE best husband, making sure I was as comfortable as I could be while I wasn’t.

Our families are over the moon, and we can’t wait to see who 2020 brings us! We’re due around the middle of July (sometimes God doesn’t want to work around wedding season!) but everything is pretty well settled and arranged when it comes to taking care of my wonderful couples. Luckily, all of our weddings currently scheduled are late summer. We’re still open to taking on a couple of May/June and have openings September onward.

We’ve been slowly sharing our news with family and friends and want to say thank you so everyone who has welcomed our news so excitedly. We’ve been enjoying our last holiday season as a family of two before life really begins. Crazy to think we’ll have a 5 month old by next Christmas!

I’m now 12.5 weeks and not reeeally showing yet, so we’ll see when that starts to happen ;)

PS. For anyone still not sure if they’re saying our last name correctly, it’s French. It’s kind of like dijon (the mustard) with a ‘P.’ Yes, we get the bird a lot, and I’m not offended, but the more you know! ;)

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