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November 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Max On Your 23rd Birthday

People are going to think I’m crazy when I say I feel like we’re old. I don’t really see it as your 23rd birthday. The only thing I see is that it’s our sixth birthday celebrating together. It’s crazy that we’ve been together for almost 6 years. And I can’t keep a dry eye, and it’s not necessarily tears of joy. We are going through a pretty tough season of life right now and I don’t know what the future holds for us. Sometimes I’m worried but then I remember that we’ve gotten this far. And you’re my absolute best friend and that’s comforting. Sometimes it feels like we lose the romance a little, it gets swept under the rug, and I miss it. But when I think of the possibilities I would much rather have it this way than a lover I can’t confide in and wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’ve gotten this far and aren’t Max, I apologize, but also question you ;) because this really just is a public open mushy love letter. I only want you to figure out your dreams in life and how to get there in a straight line as fast as you want to go. And if that includes me that’s ideal. I’m a control freak and I tell you all the time that it kills me that I can’t just hold you and fix everything, so instead I pray for you. Happy birthday to the man I feel like I’ve grown up with. May your 24th year hold the key to the future.

On your 23rd birthday, here’s 23 things I absolutely love about you.

  1. 1. I love the way only you can make me ticklish
  2. Your obsession with chicken tenders absolutely astounds me
  3. It blows my mind all of the little facts that you remember about each and every car to top of mind
  4. I’m not a lover of the cold but only you can make me enjoy skiing and sailing when the water is ice. Because your passion shines through
  5. I love the way you celebrate every milestone in my business like it’s amazing even more so than I do
  6. I love that we are each other’s cheerleader in good times and in bad
  7. I love each of the different types of your laughs and which scenario they each apply to
  8. I absolutely love how ticklish you are, it’s adorable, even though I usually get injured in the process
  9. Your love for your dog is the cutest thing in the world
  10. You are so goal oriented and one of the most driven people ever met
  11. I love how you accidentally adapt to my childish invented dictionary
  12. I love watching movies with you even though I don’t really watch a lot of movies
  13. I love that you are my blog editor but please don’t edit this post because I’m not having it
  14. You are one of the most generous people I know, even though you drive me crazy with how much you go over our present budget every year
  15. And then don’t know how to except gifts and tell me you don’t need anything for your birthday
  16. I love how a date night for you is as simple as an evening convertible drive with hot chocolate
  17. I love taking trips with you and I love that we no longer kill each other being confined to one room for a week together. That’s got to mean something
  18. I love that your love for driving balances out my lack there of
  19. The Max face. Said every year. No description needed.
  20. He is the most family oriented man I’ve ever met
  21. He thinks he should be a further ahead in life even though the man owns two cars and a boat…..
  22. He is such a talented sailor and has taught me so much about the sport I didn’t even know we did in Ottawa
  23. The fact that this list could probably go on forever even though I’m already at 23. And I am hoping this list doesn’t end because of all of the things on this list but I want to experience more of with you

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