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Jillian + Neil

September 1, 2020


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Wow, was this wedding ever something special to be a part of. Let me take you back to the beginning. Living on a small private street in Barrhaven twenty-seven years ago, two young couples had their first children. They were only two and a half months apart and both baby girls. That was Jillian and I. Two months my senior, Jillian visited me in the hospital not long after I was born. That’s where we start.

Jillian and I grew up attached at the hip outside on our street, playing soccer, in pools, at dance, at school, and occasionally drawing on couches in marker….you know, kid stuff! Following into high school together, we drifted apart slightly but never far; always knowing what was going on in each others lives. This is why you’ll actually spot myself in a few photos from this wedding! I was SO honoured when she reached out to me to photograph their engagement session and wedding.

Showing up on the morning of their wedding was so easy. Opening to the door into their getting ready space was like reuniting with my second family, seeing her mom, dad and aunt by her side; getting to see her baby brother who’s practically my baby brother as well, photographing her details with pieces of her christening and touches from her nana and poppa. She trusted me to lead them through the day’s events and keep them on time. The reception led for more reunions as well, as we reconnected with other families who lived on our street as well.

Congratulations to this beautiful girl and her now husband. I cannot wait to photograph your family milestones for years to come.


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  1. Cindy MacKinnon says:

    @nicoleamanda – You have forever captured a lifetime of memories. You saw the smiles of us all. No words can express my love .

    Hugs, Momma Cindy

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