Showit united photography conference 2019 0025


Recapping the Showit United Photography Conference 2020: A Whirlwind Experience with a Surprise Ending!

June 16, 2020


Showit united photography conference 2019 0025

Oh my goodness, this is only seven months late….but life has kind of been a whirlwind since I got back from Arizona! Things got exciting, then I was busy, then sick, then exhausted, because if you missed it, we announced we we’re expecting! I actually found out while I was away!

This was my third year in a row attending the Showit United photography conference held in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a conference held by my amazing website platform that is designed for photographers and creatives, but is much more about community and togetherness, with a side of photographic learning, rather than your typical photography revolving conference.

I was rooming with fellow Pixifier, Loren, so it was cool to only virtually know my roommate until I got there. I flew in from Toronto (and out through Calgary which was nice to split the flight directly in half) on Sunday afternoon. I sat by the pool a little and got some takeout for dinner. There was a welcome party that evening as there typically is to mingle with everyone who had arrived already.

I woke early the next morning to get in on some yoga with the group. It was far chillier than I expected for an Arizona morning! The day was filled with great talks and breakouts, followed by a fun 80’s themed dinner that evening. While everyone else was in neon and tie-dye, I decided to get my Grease on.

It was the next morning that I decided to take my second pregnancy test, and boy was that not the outcome I expected! If you care to read that, that’s over here. I held that crazy secret in for a while with another day filled with amazing talks and break out sessions filled with learning (and usually tears anyway, let alone knowing this news).

That evening was the formal gala, which is always spectacular. This Canadian girl loves indulging in the stunning job they always do for an al fresco dinner, which we don’t usually get to do for Canadian weddings.

Going to miss all my friends this year as I assume it would be difficult to take the trek down south with or without a four month old! That is, if it even is able to happen with the COVID-19 pandemic happening. So I cross my fingers that I can see you guys again in 2021!

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