» Why Elopements Need Wedding Planning Too

January 30, 2020

Why Elopements Need Wedding Planning Too

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Elopements may seem like a last minute event that doesn’t merit any planning, but times have changed. Elopements are now official wedding events that require wedding organizers as well. But why would they need organizing for such a small wedding? Here’s our take on it:

Elopements Are the New Intimate Weddings

Elopements are performed by judges or ordained ministers with at least two witnesses present. Anything bigger than an entourage of 4 and a wedding party of more than twenty is considered a big wedding already.

Elopements are easier to perform than weddings because there is no need to schedule a venue a year in advance, book caterers, get hotels for guests, etc. If that is the case, then why would an elopement need wedding organizers?
Here are some reasons:

The couple may be too busy to plan any aspect of the wedding.
This means that an organizer is necessary to help them book fittings, buy items, book restaurants, book wedding dates, and more. Organizers are still a big part of the elopement planning because their job is to make the ceremony easier for the couple.

Wedding organizers already have the knowledge necessary for tough choices.
Elopements must be small and organized quickly. This means that the bride and groom must be able to choose from dresses and suits that are selected by the wedding organizer. They can also get restaurant recommendations for the reception, get reservations in advance, pick up wedding rings, and more. With the help of an organizer, all the couple needs to do is show up.
Your organizer has all the connections.

Wedding organizers don’t just have one or two vendors up their sleeves. If one isn’t available, they can easily find others from their list of contacts. Wedding vendors are usually booked in advance so having a wedding organizer can help you find a free slot for beauty services, musicians, bakers, etc.
Your organizer is your friend too.

This means that your organizer will contact everyone you need to make your elopement possible. They will get the permit for outdoor venues like parks, etc. They can contact the wedding party and coordinate the schedules for you as well.
Lastly, wedding organizers are less expensive when it comes to elopements.
If you want an elopement and a quick yet beautiful wedding ceremony, look for organizers that specialize in elopements. Since elopements are trending, many organizers are offering this as an added service for those who don’t want a big hurrah for their wedding day.

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