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October 1, 2015

Difference of 2017 Why 2017 will be different

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Keeping up with many different people in the wedding industry, all have said 2015 has been a relatively show year for weddings. We’re really not sure what it is, but it’s most likely the economy. We have all had fewer weddings than usual, and we’ve come to terms with that. We all still hadn’t had that many inquiries for 2016 yet. We were worried, but we came to terms with that.

The last couple of weeks have blown my mind. I still don’t have many bookings for 2016 yet, September came and all of a sudden my 2017 inquiries are blowing off the roof!!! It’s looking like if you are planning your wedding, people are starting to contact potential vendors almost a year and a half in advance!!

So if you have a couple of wedding pros you really wanted for your wedding, you may want to get an email in their inbox sooner than you may have originally thought you needed to. In the next couple of weeks, I have consultations for couples getting married June through October of 2017!!

Many couples are confused when they go looking for wedding vendors 6-8 months before their wedding, and everyone is booked for their date. I mean, you’ve never planned a wedding before, I don’t blame anyone for not knowing how things work! I always say that to clients at consults, it’s okay, I don’t expect you to know questions or wedding quantities!

Most couple book their wedding vendors 9-12 months out. It’s seeming more like it’s turning into 12-18 months out now. If this trend keeps up, I’ll have a lot of long-term business planning ahead of me!! So if you’re planing on a 2016 wedding and haven’t booked all of your vendors yet, I’d recommend getting a head start on that now!

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