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October 13, 2015

Lisa + Kyle Cottage Sunrise Engagement

It’s such a small world sometimes, and often deeper of a story than you thought you had. Pamela contacted me wanting to schedule an engagement session as a gift to her best friend. Pam and I have known each other for about seven years now, meeting through a class we had together, or a mutual friend – I’m not quite sure, it was a while ago. But we did have a few classes together and man that girl is all giggles. I had known of her friend Lisa through word of mouth, “knowing” people through high school. But when I found out she was engaged to Kyle, what a small world. I’ve known Kyle since seventh grade. He was that kind of kid who you weren’t really friends with, but were locker neighbours, sat behind you and pulled your hair in homeroom. So enough that you felt you knew each other well.

I figured they had just met in high school, the way some people do, and you have no idea how but they did. Turns out Kyle met Lisa on the day she was born. Their parents have been best friends for years. I can’t even imagine how beautiful this must be for them, watching their kids grow up and come back together in this way. I’ve seen them both date other people in high school, but to come back to a relationship with that magnitude of background always mesmerizes me. That’s why I believe in fate.

Now, why more people don’t do sunrise engagement sessions, I don’t know. I guess we’re not early risers, but man, is it beautiful. Especially at Lisa’s cottage overlooking a stunning lake. It was a bit of a drive, but so worth it to see all of the autumn colours in the treed hills of Quebec, and the morning sun shining on the water. I’ve said it with a few of my couples, but I sincerely did not have to pose these two. They were just so natural, and themselves in front of the camera, which is what every photographer dreams of.

Congratulations on finding the everafter that was sitting there, patiently waiting for you two. No doubts your wedding will be just as magical.

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  1. Ataur says:

    Amazing… ! I love how these gorgeous steps tell the story of their beautiful moments!

  2. Bella says:

    So pretty engagement. Engagement Ring's pictures are too beautiful. Congratulations.

  3. They are cute!! And the changing trees are my favorite!

  4. michelle hoffman says:

    Beautiful photos! I LOVE the warm feel!

  5. What a gorgeous, gorgeous location!!!

  6. awww they are so cute!

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