Mint infused greenery ottawa tornado wedding photos


2019 Floral Trends

February 12, 2019


Mint infused greenery ottawa tornado wedding photos

Hi everyone, my name is Carla and I own Capital Florist, as wedding exclusive floral studio in Ottawa, ON. We have worked with Nicole for Erin + Kyle, Fiona + Andrew, as well as Nicole + Max’s own wedding florals!! Having booked just under 100 wedding for the 2019 season I wanted to share with you the highlights (trends, if you prefer) I have seen come up for this season! Let me tell you, all drool worthy! I have created a Pinterest board to help you visualize all the beauty I describe below!

Bold colour palettes

If you thought 2018 was the year of burgundy, you thought it wrong! 2019 is jam-packed with bold colour palettes with burgundy as the main colour!

Burgundy, Navy and gold is the number one pick for a lot of couples out there, and why wouldn’t they if the palette is so elegant and regal that you can transform virtually any venue into an elegant affair!

Burgundy and magenta is another popular one, and personally one of my favourite ones! It’s such an unexpected combination because of the similar shades and red undertones in both colours but, let me tell you, paired with the right dark greenery they make for an incredibly romantic and moody look, highly recommended for a late spring-summer wedding!


I AM ALL OVER THIS! I love all flowers, really, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite, but I am glad other people are picking for me! It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s bold and I love everything about them! They are in 75% of my weddings this year! It’s that extra punch of je ne sais quoi that every wedding needs!

The best part is that anemones come in beautiful and unexpected rich colour like an ultraviolet blue which pairs incredibly beautiful with burgundy and blushes. A bright/blood orange red which, honestly I would display on her own because she needs that kind of attention! Or an incredible true white, which is the perfect dose of personality that every bouquet in any colour palette out there needs! Stay tuned!

Garden Style

It is no secret that we have been experiencing the garden style look for a few years now, but it’s always been a good balance between traditional and garden styles. 2019 is the year when we will say farewell to hydrangeas and roses! Not just in the bridal party flowers, but also in the reception spaces! We are going to see a lot more greenery garlands, bud vases runners and more candles than ever before to complement that al fresco gathering vibe.

Where brides have opted for a more elegant look and chosen tall centerpieces, we can expect a lot more wild, abstract designs with minimal-to-no-blooms but tons of mixed textury-greenery!

Anyone else excited to see all of these trends come to life!? You can follow our team over on Instagram, Facebook, or our get in touch via our website!

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