Summer black rapids engagement | ottawa engagement session | engagement photos at the black rapids locks station in ottawa #ottawawedding #ottawaengagement #weddingphotography


Madison + Christian

July 30, 2019


Summer black rapids engagement | ottawa engagement session | engagement photos at the black rapids locks station in ottawa #ottawawedding #ottawaengagement #weddingphotography

You never know when you’re just going to stumble upon the one. You can never quite plan for who knows who and how you will meet. Madison’s girlfriend was having a birthday party. And a friend of that girlfriend was coming with her boyfriend, and the boyfriend was bringing a friend. This friend happened to be Christian. Madison immediately stopped in her tracks thinking how handsome he was. She was shy, but they talked the whole night, and when they walked to the bar, it felt like it was just the two of them, although they were in a crowd of people. When something is just that easy and effortless, you know something is going to come of it. They went on their first date just days after their initial meeting. She met him at a Thai place near his work for lunch.

Christian had planned for them to take a weekend getaway to Montreal to watch a hockey game and have a nice dinner. They go to a lot of sporting events, so this was nothing out of the ordinary. Christian wanted to go for a walk by a park or the old pier. They found two chairs off to the side of the old pier. Christian began talking, saying how much he loved her, to which she would reply and almost cut him off to say it back. Christian would strike up the courage again and start talking about how she was his best friend, and he couldn’t imagine his life without her.

She continued replying and not letting the poor man finish. It was at this point when he started to choke up, and continue with what he wanted to say. She realized what was happening. Christian continued on with his feelings, and what he wanted for them and their future. He then started to get up, and got down on one knee in front of her.

I can’t wait to have fun with these two on their wedding day at Le Belvedere September 2020!


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