Elise 10 months 0024


Élise’s 10th Month

May 18, 2021


Elise 10 months 0024

10 months old. Spunky doesn’t even begin to describe this one. I want to have the zest for life that she does; scrunchy nose laughs while laughing at herself, exploration to no end, and all the snacks!

The past month Élise has found some teeth and discovered the stairs. She’s waving at everything and anything. Books. So obsessed with books. Mama can likely read a rotation of 5 without even opening it. She still cruises from couch to coffee table to island to fridge to window. Hasn’t braved walking on her own yet. She loves standing at her window looking into the backyard all day (and waving at it). Quickly infuriated when we lock access to things we discover she can open..like our phones, the oven drawer, and now the pantry cupboard. Amazon Prime isn’t even fast enough for how quickly we need baby-proofing devices. Girl knows she’s hilarious and knows how to use it.

She is absolutely loving her firs Lovevery play kit (first photo) and can’t wait to get our next shortly! It is a subscription box of Montessori style toys that I was hesitant about for a long time, but now regret not doing it sooner! Such thought was put into what is in each box for each age group and it challenges their minds in so many ways!

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