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Élise’s 5th Month

December 15, 2020


2020 12 13 16. 18. 27

There is something about profound and humbling watching a little human learn and explore the world the way they do. Little Élise is now very proficient in back to tummy flipping, but needs to work on her tummy to back. It scares mama because she has now decided her tummy is her favourite place to sleep. We flip her….over and over, but she always wins, or else no one is getting any sleep in this house.

  • She loves practicing her sphinx pose.
  • Girl LOVES her food. Although we haven’t dabbled in a lot, she is ravenous with everything she tries.
  • She isn’t a fan of outerwear, but welcome to Canada, little duck! I apologize!
  • We celebrated papa’s birthday as a family of 3, then a second dinner with grand-mama.
  • We love our matching Christmas pyjamas (multiple sets, mom has a problem).
  • She gets so excited when she sees her blanket from Uncle Scott and Aunt Allie come out.
  • She loves soft blankets being rubbed/covering her face just like papa.
  • Her new noise of elephant whines and blowing bubbles is adorable.
  • That hair just keeps on growing, wow! Pony tails needed soon!
  • We tried on a few of mama & Uncle Scott’s baby outfits
  • Mama needs to get her game in gear about organizing photos & creating a yearbook!

Until next time, where adorable waterfall ponies will be involved.

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