Quaint Fraser Cafe Wedding | Kari + Duncan

June 11, 2015

Kari + Duncan Quaint Fraser Cafe Wedding

Vintage Alternative Wedding

Vintage Alternative Wedding

I met Kirsten at a tweet up (Twitter meeting) in March of 2011 through Max’s mom. Her & hubby, Aaron are so much fun to be around. June of 2013, Kirsten called me looking for a photographer for her sister, Kari’s, university graduation. Ever since then, it seems like I’ve been “the family photographer.”
Early 2014, I was hosing a boudoir marathon. Kari, was all over it – and had a lot of ideas at that. There were some epic shots that day, but if you’re like her family, I’m only remembered as the diabetes boudoir photographer. Yup. That’s Kari.
Kari’s been with Duncan for what seems like forever. They have just always been one of those couples that “is.” No questions of engagement or marriage, they would just be. Kari has always been one to take life by the reins so when she got this idea of teaching in Japan, why not?! To make things easier for the move, they decided to get married. Legally, that was their reasoning, although everyone knew they would be together forever anyway.
When Kirsten hinted to me that Kari would probably be tying the knot in just a few short months, I jumped on it. I was so honoured to be called on yet again by the same family. I knew that her & their family would be nothing short of fun. Totally crazy, and not my typical type of wedding, but I loved every minute of it. Nothing was surprising and everything very explanatory of who they are as a couple. A lot of nature, DIY, and an extra lot of silly.

This is probably my favourite shot of the day 
I love this first look moment right here, especially because Kari’s brother-in-law, Aaron, passed by and mumbled that he’d never seen him smile like that before.

I don’t usually post cat photos (within weddings….) but how pretty is she!!!!

Kari’s mom said as a child Kari used to wear crazy socks. So mom arranged this.

Favours: handmade chutney
Centrepieces: DIY by friend
Hair: Jessica of Fernando Cellini
Flower crown: Anemoi Creations
Shoes: Fluevog
“Cake”: Serious Cheese
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