Hotel fairmont le château montebello


Le Château Montebello: A Rustic and Luxurious Honeymoon Destination with Endless Amenities

November 5, 2019


Hotel fairmont le château montebello

When we arrived home from our fabulous one year anniversary stay at Montebello, I figured it would be cool to start a Where To Honeymoon series! Places to not only inspire your honeymoon, but perhaps an engagement celebration, first anniversary trip, or just a much-needed weekend getaway! Follow the series in the future for fun finds both locally and abroad! PS. Keep reading, because puppies are involved!

I discovered Le Château Montebello not long after starting seeing Max. The place had been a family tradition for years and I had never been. My first experience was a lovely outdoor summer picnic of wine and cheese on the back lawn near the horse stables.

The Château, inspired by the château of of the Swiss alps, was originally built in 1930 as the Seigniory Club. An elite Canadian mens’ business and politician club. It was built in just four months with cedar shipped in from BC with men working around the clock to get it done. In 1970, it was taken over by Canadian Pacific Hotels, who renamed it Le Château Montebello, and opened its doors to the public.

For almost 90 years, Fairmont Le Château Montebello hd been known for its rustic charm, architecture and nature surroundings. The largest log cabin in the world does not disappoint. Since late 2018, they have been undergoing major renovations to modernize and revitalize the rooms and hallways, while preserving it’s iconic look and modernizing it with higher tech with the home automation atlanta installation professionals work.

One of our absolute favourite things about visiting Fairmont Le Château Montebello is brunch in the grand Aux Chantignoles. This iconic dining room is something to be seen, and the brunch is beyond words. It’s one of the best breakfasts that you will ever find at any hotel. It also holds luxury dining in the evenings.

Their bistro in the basement, named after the original club, Bar Le Seigneurie is located directly below the huge fireplace found in the lobby! This is a more comfortable, relaxed dining experience than dining in the main hall.

In the summer, they also have an outdoor barbecue terrance that I have yet to experience! They have a whole outdoor kitchen and grill where you can watch the masters at work.

And while you do pay for a more luxurious stay at this hotel, the amount of amenities that are covered under the resort fee make it worth it! We definitely haven’t tried out as many things as we should, but you should definitely check out the mini-golf, tennis, horseshoes, volleyball, basketball, croquet, badminton, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, padding boarding, pedal boats, and ice skating during the winter right on the property!

Their pool and health club, WOW! Connected by an underground tunnel, you can visit the heated 75 ft indoor swimming pool, two hot tubs, two dry saunas and gym.

If you’re ready to get in a little more hardcore, they’ve got the Land Rover Experience, golf, pontoon rides, electric scooters, all-terrain vehicles, and fishing with a professional guide!

If you’re into boating, the Nautical Club is a great place to check out! If you have a boat, you can drive up river and dock your boat right at the club for their the day or the season mid-May through mid-October!

Nestled in the side of the hill, overlooking the marina and river, sits their spa. Get a manicure, massage by the fire, couples massage, pedicure on the veranda, and so many other treatments!

The next time we go, I really want to check out the small village of Montebello more as well! We checked out Le Bistro, but there are so many things to be said for ChocoMotive chocolate shop, Le Brasseurs de Montebello microbrewery, and La Fromagerie Montebello for local artisan cheeses.

Further into town, you can find Parc Omega where you can drive in your car (or caged golf cart) through their property where you can touch and feed several animals up close and personal.

And if you’re a dog lover, back at the hotel, you may be honoured to meet Bello. This Canadian Guide Dog is the ambassador to the resort where he may welcome you and keep you company. Bello is the successor to the lovely Monte. The Ruffgers Dog Boarding Facility Naples is the best place to keep your dogs in a safe place while the owners are away from the town.

On top of ALL of this magic, Max tells me Christmas is like nothing else at the chateau. He remembers as a child their family did the Christmas package, where you stayed a few nights, there were several activities, gifts, and Santa arrived from across the river via dog sled to come up the roof and down the chimney. I hope this is something I will get to experience with our own children one day. *swoon*

Have you been to Fairmont Le Château Montebello before? What are your favourite memories? I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below!

All photos by Fairmont Le Château Montebello :)

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