Hotel fairmont le château montebello


Our Anniversary Getaway Vol. 1

September 26, 2019


Hotel fairmont le château montebello

How did our first anniversary sneak up on us so fast?! Is anyone else in disbelief that it has been a whole year since the incident that was Ottawa Tornados 2018?! If you want to relive the happenings, we have our pretty wedding story, but our full, real wedding story lays down more truthfully what actually happened.

A few weeks back, we decided that Max & I would go off on a mini vacation in celebration of one full year together. We chose one of Max’s favourite places, Le Château Montebello, which soon became one of mine. Max practically grew up at the château. I remember my first time there for a summer wine and cheese picnic, and being in awe of the place. He also insisted we visit during the winter, which we did celebrating our sixth dating anniversary. I semi-regret not bringing my DSLR for better photos, but our purpose was to be present with each other, and I’m grateful for that.

I will go as far as to say it is the ONLY place I will go and wish a snow blizzard upon myself. Le Château Montebello in the winter time is just another kind of magical, it just turns into this Christmas castle. Max told me stories of his childhood and the insane Christmas experience they have there, from Santa arriving via dogsled across the river to come down through the chimney, to the huge Réveillon feast I have yet to experience in the real world, let alone Montebello-style. Now that I’m married into a French family, I should probably learn about this crazy tradition that probably won’t go down easily for this early bird.

Le Château Montebello has a crazy history, and I can’t wait to share more about how it began, what it is, to what it came to be on my next post. I will be starting a Where to Honeymoon series and Le Château Montebello is first on the list. Subscribe to the blog to get an email when the post goes live so you don’t miss it!

We arrived Saturday afternoon and explored the grounds outside as we awaited our room. We opened to door to the yummiest treat, shortbread and what was basically pecan pie filling to dip. Max quickly inhaled this. We headed downstairs to Bistro La Seigneurie downstairs for dinner, where Max had the burger and I had the fish and chips; both of which were absolutely delicious. We ran back to our room to quickly change and went to the pool for a late evening swim. Not to forget any activities, we then grabbed the chess pieces and headed to the 3rd floor chess tables. Chess, and so many other games are available for your choosing for free!

Our anniversary conveniently coincided with their celebration of recent renovations. They updated several things in the rooms of this 89-year-old building. It felt like we had a schedule of activities planned just for us, right on our anniversary. We toured the grounds on a horse-drawn carriage, followed by a pontoon boat river cruise, cocktails in the lobby, and a guitar-accompanied bonfire in the evening (with some of the best hot chocolate we have ever tasted).

We popped out before the bonfire to explore the little down of Montebello and ended up at Le Bistro Montebello just down the street from the hotel. We read the reviews and the two things we kept seeing over and over again were pizza and poutine. So that’s exactly what we did, and oh man were they delicious!

Both mornings, we had breakfast Aux Chantignoles, which leaves everyone speechless every time. Not to mention how over and above Sunday brunch is there! A must-try for everyone at one point! Especially on holidays! I can’t wait to tell you more in my upcoming honeymoon/travel series!

Monday was a very sad morning as we packed up and checked out. But we took some time to hang out in the relaxing atmosphere of the lobby and just be.

Happy 1st anniversary, Max. Can’t wait to continue to go on so many more life adventures with you!

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