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September 11, 2018

Rose + Kevin Mississippi Mills Family Farm Wedding

Mississippi Mills Family Farm Wedding

Rose + Kevin are the perfect example of why I do what I do, in the manor that I do it. Practice makes perfect, especially if you know you’ll be uncomfortable to the situation. Before their engagement, they both expressed to me how they didn’t want to be posed and feel formal. I don’t think many do, but at the same time, if you’re not told what to do, sometimes it’s MORE uncomfortable. It’s all about HOW you direct and how you feel with the comfort with the someone that you’re with. That’s why I’m a BIG believer that the engagement session is a crutial part of the experience. All of my couples walk away thinking it was one of the easiest things they’ve ever done, then they end up with wedding images feeling straight out of the definition candid, even though that’s not how they start!

The day started at the cutest little farm Airbnb where Rose and her ladies got ready, while Kevin was over at the family farm where he was born and raised. They said their vows overlooking the fields where he spent many days of his life. Their forest green accents where the beautiful touch to the greenery all around them. It was a bit of a chilly September evening, but everyone danced it off and had the time of their lives!

Congratulations Rose + Kevin, you’ve already come so far – can’t wait so see where you’re off to next!

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