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Niagara Falls

August 25, 2016


At the beginning of the summer, Max and I had discussed maybe heading to Niagara Falls at some point during his holidays as he had never been before. I had been, but it had been a long while ago. Summer went on and he was crazy with work so we didn’t think much of it. I had asked him to go to Cobden and Cantley in the course of a week and looking forward to Toronto September long weekend, so I wasn’t going to ask him about Niagara. I was out with my mom and aunt when I received a text from Max. “How about picking up and heading out to Niagara TONIGHT?!” I keep talking about Max opening up my spontaneity and going with the flow, but this was a while new level to this planner girl!! We usually plan in advance and I’M usually the one planning. I walked around for probably two hours having minor anxiety control issues when I couldn’t do anything!! I ran home when I could and packed what I could; we hit the road for the six-hour journey.

We didn’t do a lot of touristy things but it was nice to get out of the city for a few days. We both saw Lake Erie for the first time, and saw a glimpse of Buffalo from across the lake. I think our favourite part of the trip was the Journey Behind The Falls, that even I hadn’t done before. There are two tunnels that go directly behind the falls and all you see is the streaming down water. There is also a platform down by the water, directly by the falls. It was gorgeous to be that close while it was lit up. We went back up to the main level land, because anyone who knows me, knows we had to schedule the day around seeing the fireworks over the falls that night.

Max, thanks for this crazy journey and opening my horizons.

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