Our wedding album


Our Wedding Album

December 26, 2018


From the day we started planning our wedding, as a photographer, I feel like even then I was envisioning the end result of an album. I know when I photograph a wedding day, I try to tell the story in a way that would showcase well in a couple’s album, regardless if they have ordered one at that point or not. My hope is that all couples can hold one of these beauties in their hands. I’m shaking just thinking about it right now.

It is fairly large…actually, I should say very large because this is as big as my album company offers width wise. This is a 10×10 40 spread (80 page) book. They offer a 12×12 as well, but can you imagine how enormous that would be?!? It is the 10×10 size that I typically recommend to my couples for their own albums, and order 8×8 as a fabulous parent album size. This is double the amount of spreads that I typically start my couples off at, but THIS is what your album could be if you expand it to it’s full potential!

The day I saw the FedEx truck outside, I shrieked. I was so worried they would not get here in time for Christmas. This was the most amazing surprise to show our families yesterday on Christmas morning. These things will last many lifetimes, and I cannot wait for our children to one day flip through these pages and hear the crazy tornado story that goes along with them.

I know it’s another expense that comes along with your wedding planning, but I encourage you to view it as not a wedding expense, but an heirloom. It’s not a part of your wedding day, it’s part of your legacy for generations to come. Yes, they can be pricey depending how big you go, but it’s worth it. I even have ways for you to set up an album registry or different payment plans! If you already have a place and don’t need “stuff” why not get an album?!

Thanks for following along with our wedding journey, I hope you love this humongous end result as much as I do! Of course, our gorgeous wedding imagery by Katelyn James.

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