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December 18, 2018


1. Apple Watch

My couples who have been through wedding days with me know I am always on my timeline A-game. All because I am type-A, but with many of my couples who don’t have planners or day-of-coordinators, I love keeping the day on time and stress free. I’ve been debating this decision for a while now, after hearing about a lot of photographers say it helps them with the flow of their wedding days.

I finally broke down and bought myself an Apple Watch! I have a simple watch face for day-to-day life and have an info-based face that I switch to for wedding days! It tells me the current time, what’s next on the schedule (along with the buzz on my wrist telling me 5 minutes before I’m to head to my next item on the list), temperature, weather conditions, and sunset time! What else could a photog want?! I love that it’s so much simpler than pulling out my paper timeline or checking my phone!

2. Album Options

If you saw this blog post not too long ago, I hope you swooned over these new options like I did when I first held them! I’ve been in love with my album company since the start, but WOW does this new product lineup STUN! I CANNOT wait to get these into my couples hands. Hand-made artisan boxes for your albums and the addition of embossing! Stamp your name, date, or even your custom wedding monogram into the front of your book or box!

I’m a believer in legacy, and a time-stamped digital era is not what you want to leave behind. With USBs even starting to phase out, it proves technology always will. There’s a reason albums have been a part of the wedding tradition for decades. It’s something your great-grandchildren can hold in their hands and see how things used to be.

3. Home Office

I’ve been dreaming of this for YEARS and it’s finally happening! Sitting in my front-facing room on the second floor of our house, writing this now. Although, it’s not quite ready for consultations quite yet, there is one wall already painted mint! Check out some of these inspiration photos I pulled from Pinterest.

4. Unique Venues

I’m SUPER excited that, as of yet, I won’t be shooting in the same venue more than once this year! Some years you get half of your weddings at the same venue, and that can be awesome because you can really get acquainted with the grounds and vendors. But being in a different location every weekend really keeps you on your toes, which I love!

Just to name a few, this year I will be seeing the likes of Strathmere, Stonefields Estate, Brookstreet Hotel, the Canadian Museum of Nature, The Westin Ottawa’s TwentyTwo, and the National Arts Centre new glass-wall ballroom!

5. Curated Styling Kit

I’ve been working with a styling kit for a while now. While I prefer to work with the bride’s own details because it makes it completely theirs, some girls aren’t as into the details as others, or it isn’t a priority! I bring a few accents here and there, but it’s more about the backgrounds.

When I’m looking to start details, I look for a diffused natural light, neutral spot to hang the dress and to shoot flat-lay (invitations, shoes, rings…etc.) Let’s face it, a lot of bedrooms are dark and a lot of hotels have insane carpets. I’m actually taking away from my styling kit this year, but for the better. I’m curating my selection of Mrs. Boxes to include lighter, more elegant tones, fewer stunning rolls of hand-dyed silk ribbon, neutral linens, stamps, and elegant looking command hook. As I gain more and more experience, I see that my couples are looking for a luxe, more elegant look, which is harder to achieve with bright, bold colours.

PS. Want to prep ALL your own bridal details? Find the list here!

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