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June 16, 2016

CoSchedule Giving Bloggers & Creatives Their Life Back

social media scheduling tools

I’ve seriously just found the best thing in existence. I’m always on the hunt for great social media scheduling tools, and I had heard about CoSchedule from other photographers in the past who have raved about it, but I wasn’t super excited about paying another subscription for something I could do myself. I was quite capable of manually scheduling all social media posts myself. I told myself I would wait to start my free trial when I started blogging more frequently during wedding season.

I looked at my blogging calendar and decided the week of the Rising Tide styled shoot and Ashley + Jon‘s wedding would be the week I started the trial. I thought it would help ease tasks a little bit but it’s crazy that such a simple thing can free up your life!

At the same time that you write the blog posts, you are able to schedule all of your social medias (except Instagram) right from WordPress! This use to take me about an hour to do a few publishes a day on a few different platforms but now I can do each platform all at once. You can even preview how it looks on each social media. It even tells you how “viral” your post is on each platform, how it’s doing, and soon they’ll be adding automated reposting of your most popular posts so they get even more link backs! Talk about easy evergreen content!

This is the content creation calendar that can be used on native CoSchedule or through your WordPress plugin. Every non-designer and non-techy’s favourite word – DRAG & DROP!!!
social media scheduling tools

Schedule your social media to go out at time of post, 3 hours after, 7 hours after…you name it! You can even preview how it looks on each social media. The thing I dreaded the most was keeping several different social media accounts looking active! Even if it’s not blog content, I can preschedule images and links to go out when the ideas come to me, not when I see a certain medium is quiet and am forced to come up with something on the spot (lame!).

social media scheduling tools

It’s a bit up there in price, but if you pay the full year at once, the cheapest plan is $15 US per month. I never thought I’d say that much for this type of program is worth it, but it gave me so much of my life back when I knew I didn’t have to check the computer or my phone every so often to make sure things were running smoother. I actually had a fabulous tech free weekend with Max!

social media scheduling tools

There’s a two week free trial, which is longer than any other trial of anything that I have seen! It’s a great period of time to see if it really works for you. The only thing better would be if they were about to do Instagram ;) Next week I’ll be posting about my free trial attempt of ScheduGram, a similar platform for Instagram!



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  1. Hmm… this sounds super duper intriguing! I want some of my life back!

  2. Misty says:

    That looks like an awesome program! I’ll have to check it out!

  3. Raelene says:

    Thanks for sharing! I struggle with scheduling and I’m always in awe of people that have it all together!!

  4. Scheduling blogs is so important for staying on top of it!!! YES!

  5. Ryan says:

    Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for that awesome review of CoScheudle! The entire team really enjoyed reading it!

    We definitely think that CoSchedule can free up some of that time that you would usually be spending scheduling out your blog posts/social media, and I’m really glad that CoSchedule is working out well for you!

    Happy CoScheduling!

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