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July 17, 2018

Toronto Exploration A Short Summer Getaway with Mom

I had been pondering this surprise trip with my mom for a while now. I’ll be getting married and moving out at the end of summer, and my mom doesn’t travel much, so I wanted to get away with her! I kept seeing commercials for Wicked the musical, and I’d been dying to go since I saw it with dance class in high school.

I booked the cutest Airbnb and whisked mom off with several surprises planned. I ruined some and Max ruined some, but many were still a surprise ;) Early Sunday morning, we headed off in the car towards the six!

We saw Grease, went to a taping of The Social, Marilyn Denis, ate at Wahlburgers, walked to the waterfront, geeked out where they film the Suits exterior, ate at The Keg and went to see Wicked! A small little trip that I will remember for a long while, before I start making tons of money and can whisk her off to Barbados ;)

Enjoy my cell phone snapshots from the trip!



  1. Jes says:

    What a wonderful mother-daughter getaway! Meraya and I saw Wicked in Vancouver – our all time fave! Great photos :-)

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