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November 27, 2017

Basic Invite Truly Custom Wedding Invitations & Personalized Stationery

Guest post by Katie Scott of Basic Invite

Basic Invite has been in the wedding business for over a decade and they offer wedding invitations and stationery for every life moment you can think of. From marriage to business and everything in between. All of our stationery is customizable so that every bride and customer can create the perfect card for their special day. With over 180 custom colours and more than 800 invitation designs, the options are endless!

There is something for every bride at Basic Invite. They offer gold, silver, and rose gold foil designs that are gorgeous! If you are going for a vintage wedding vibe they have a design for that as well as floral designs, rustic looks, and something for the modern bride as well.

Custom samples are a big part of Basic Invite since they are an online company so before you fully commit to your design, order wedding invitation examples of your exact invitation suite. This is such an amazing feature because it offers brides the chance to see the product they will be sending out first-hand which brings with it peace of mind. Being able to feel the high-quality paper in your hands and see the beautiful gold foil print with your own eyes is major. A bride’s first look at her wedding suite is a magical moment!

Basic Invite offers personalized wedding guestbooks, too. You can order a custom wedding guestbook with the option to upload your own cover photo or choose a design that matched your wedding suite or day of decor. Pick from all the same colours you had access to with your wedding invitations to create the precise look you are going for. Guest books are a great detail to add to your wedding day stationery and your guests will love the classy lay flat design.

Don’t forget about free address printing! Use our free address collection service to request your addresses with just three simple steps! Share a link, collect your addresses, and get free envelope printing. Say goodbye to the days of envelope licking and hand cramps. Basic Invite’s envelopes are peel and seal for quick and easy assembly. Each of their 40 coloured peel and seal envelopes will stand out and are sure to impress your guests right off the bat!

You can follow us on social media if you are looking for more! You can find Basic Invite at @basicinvite on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

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